Before we are a band, before we are musicians, before we are music fans or enjoyers of art, we are human beings.  We feel deeply moments of joy and despair. More often than not, the latter makes it into our writing. 

This album is 30 minutes of our strongest emotions set to music that we love. 30 minutes of release from what wells up within each of us. From the indignance that comes with trying to help friends who won't help themselves- to the hopelessness that comes with watching school shooting after school shooting, to unbridled, exasperated political outrage. 

It is our love of this finite life that leads us to feel what we feel. To hope for a better world, and to put in the work to help get there.

This album does not reflect the world. Only the  struggles and the desires of 5 humans trying to make it a better one. 


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