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Who we are

Origin:  Cincinnati, OH


Genres:  Post-Hardcore/Melodic Metalcore


Years Active:  2014- Present


​We are Avanti, a female fronted melodic metalcore band out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Avanti started in Ripley, OH in the spring of 2014. In June 2018, we independently released our third EP, "Unscathed". It, and our second EP, "Convictions", can be found on all online markets. Our sound features clean and harsh vocals, clean and distorted instrumentals, breakdowns, guitar solos, and a blend of new and older school sounds. "Nostalgic" is a word people use to describe us relatively often. We pull a lot of influences from bands like Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, and Ice Nine Kills.

We are often involved in community fundraisers and charities including A Voice For The Innocent, The Dragonfly Foundation, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The name Avanti comes from the phrase 'sempre avanti', meaning “Always Forward.” We believe that through bringing our scene and our community together for a common cause, we can move forward together, as a scene and as a society. We strive to do just that in everything that we do.

"Each song is different from the last so they can all stand on their own, but all maintain the bands almost signature sound. There’s no skipping a song to find “that one you really wanna listen to” you start at 'Friend to Friend' and end on 'To Silence we Turn' each and every time."

-AudioVein Entertainment
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